Global Resorts Network vs Timeshares


Global Resorts Network vs Timeshares

By: Dean Grzelak

So, you received a postcard saying, “You’ve Received a FREE Week In Maui Hawaii” then you read the small print and all you have to do is go and listen to a short presentation about this “New Timeshare” property….

You and your wife decide you can handle it, say “NO” when they come to you and start to doing what ever their “Hard Sale” or “Soft Sale” they try on you.  Four hours later you leave, VERY EXCITED!  We just bought the best “One Week” getaway in Maui at the best property in Maui!


Dear, did we do the right thing?  What do you mean?  You know, buying that “Timeshare” did we do the right thing? ….
…. So you sit down and start going over everything, you got one week a year for $25,000, that’s twenty-five thousand dollars, then you have the annual member dues / maintenance fee of $825 that’s if you go or not.  Then you try and tell yourselves where else you can go “Within” that Timeshare group…….

THEN……the little light bulb goes off in your head and you ask your wife, “what was the name of that discount travel membership club we heard about last year that had over 5000 resorts worldwide?


YES, Global Resorts Network or as many refer to it GRN.  Take a couple of minutes and watch this video;

Now, you start thinking, depending on which membership you purchase, we could get 2, 10 or even 20 weeks a year!!!

Sound Familiar?… Global Resorts Network Is The Hands Down Winner vs Timeshares Period

Here’s the deal, if you do you homework, really compare, you will see Global Resorts Network will give you more options, more choices for less….FAR LESS money.

Don’t buy into the “Hype” if it’s hype you want, let me know and I will charge you a lot less send you to a fancy dinner out on the town, maybe a free beach towel, what ever you want, but you will get an amazing “Lifetime Membership” that you can AND WILL be able to not only enjoy, but let you sleep at night knowing you “Saved Thousands” and you will be able to hand it down to your children or even grandchildren.

Check out the membership, you won’t find a better way to travel the world at “Highly Discounted Prices”  because dollar for dollar there just isn’t anything out there like it!

Stay tuned for more exciting travel news…



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