GRN | Global Resorts Network and TGIF or Should I Say TGIFF


GRN | Global Resorts Network
Firdays…..TGIF or TGIFF

BY: Dean Grzelak

So I was going through some old videos and making some updates when I can across this video and couldn’t resist putting out there again since it has been a few years, yes you read that right, A FEW YEARS!

Why would I put out a video that had been out there a few years ago?  Simple, 1st reason out of all the “Next and Greatest” programs out there (many of which are no longer around) GRN or Global Resorts Network is not only STILL here, but getting BIGGER and BETTER!

Before I say any more about Global Resorts Network | GRN, go a head and watch the video then I’ll do a quick closing at the after…

GRN | Global Resorts Network Changes

So here’s more exciting news, since that video was taken, GRN has gone through some changes, GREAT changes.  It is now a straight affiliate program, you make a sale, YOU make ALL the commission, no up, down or all around with YOUR money….IT COMES TO YOU, WHERE IT SHOULD!

As if that wasn’t enough, now all GRN programs are “Lifetime” and instead of 2 programs, there are 3, all lifetime.   BUT check this out, depending on which program you purchase, commissions are;

On the Sliver Membership you earn $1,000

On the Platinum Membership you earn $3,250

And on the Platinum Plus you earn $7,700

So, not only is Global Resorts Network still around, IT’S GROWING BIGGER AND BETTER!

Take some time and look at all we have to offer, better yet, drop me a line and let’s chat about what it is YOU are looking for and how we can work this into what you may have going now OR how we can get you started if this is all new to you…

Checkout The NEW GRN Discovery Club

One other link you might like to check out is a new GRN Discovery Site, that makes it all the better!

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