About Dean Grzelak

Dean Grzelak knows that life is not always what we hoped it would be and that sometimes it will throw you the most wicked curve ball known to man, that we hit the ground so hard that sometimes we don't feel like we can get up and get back in the batters box. He's been there and lived it. He also knows that if you live life without a dream, something to really go for, you will never know or experience your full potential in life. Dean has an uncanny way of being able to put things in prospective and always find the glass half full, knowing that in life there are no limitations and that living a dream is so much better than only dreaming it. Dean uses his life experiences to relate to others and their situations to help them work through the hard times and start dreaming again knowing soon they will be living them. Follow Dean Grzelak on his blog and learn about "The Millionaire Lifestyle Network" and how it is changing lives.

Don’t Let Anyone Take Away Your Dream

Don’t Let Anyone Take Away Your Dream By: Dean Grzelak As we approach Thanksgiving tomorrow, I know how important it is that we look at everything we have to be “Thankful” for.  As you read that you’re probably thinking, how does that go with the title: “Don’t Let Anyone Take Away Your Dream” Simple, we… Read More »

“Global Resorts Network” Presents, The…

Renaissance Travel Membership (Previously Global Resorts Network) Presents The High Ticket Immersion Mastermind UPDATE: Same Great Membership, Same Great Service just a “NEW” Name…”Renaissance Travel Membership” By: Dean Grzelak: Back on the 20th of this month I sent out an email that read… Over 85K in Just a Few Days, How & With What? And… Read More »

Why You Can’t Listen To What Others Say…

Motivation To Keep Going By: Dean Grzelak Motivation to keep going, to keep pushing on, sometimes is harder than others.  If it’s not the “Nay-Sayers” telling you that “That Will Never Work” it’s the thought of “Failing.”  Maybe it’s that thing in side your head telling you, “It Didn’t Work Last Time” so why would… Read More »