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Renaissance Travel Membership
(Previously Global Resorts Network)
The High Ticket Immersion Mastermind

UPDATE: Same Great Membership, Same Great Service just a “NEW” Name…”Renaissance Travel Membership”

By: Dean Grzelak:

Back on the 20th of this month I sent out an email that read…

Over 85K in Just a Few Days, How & With What?

And it was in reference to Global Resorts Network and the amount that had been paid out in commissions to a select few that have chosen to “Position” themselves and do something, that is do something as in get off their butts and market this amazing product.  I hear so many people say they want to get a head in life, make more money, make a difference in someones life and on and on and on, but only a few actually “Do Something” to make that happen.  Listen, the “ONLY” difference of those that have succeed and those that have not is taking some kind of action.  That may have been actually doing something or getting up one more time than someone else that fell and “Didn’t” get back up, it’s that simple!  

That being said I want to share this short video with you that Vincent Jr put together that explains what Global Resorts Network / GRN is and how you can use it to change your life AND right now, if you purchase the “Platinum” membership or “Platinum Plus” membership you can get a ticket to our High Ticket Immersion Mastermind that is coming next month November 22 & 23 in Arizona.

This is life changing, it really is.  A couple of things here to point out is no matter what is it you are doing now, today, do something to make a difference.  Whether that is in your life or others, do something!  Another thing, if you are looking for a business, something you can do, start in your spare time consider this;  You will spend just as much time getting a lead whether it is a “High Ticket” product or service like “Global Resorts Network” as you will for a “Low Cost Ticket” product or service.  Yes you may find it easier to sell a low cost product or service, but you will need to sell so much more AND the quality of the person buying the high ticket product or service is usually and better.  Now before you go off saying or thinking anything bad about that statement, this is what I mean; for the most part when someone invest a larger sum of money they will usually work harder at making it work.. They will get up that one more time and not say, well it was only $25 or something like that.

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Dean Grzelak knows that life is not always what we hoped it would be and that sometimes it will throw you the most wicked curve ball known to man, that we hit the ground so hard that sometimes we don't feel like we can get up and get back in the batters box. He's been there and lived it. He also knows that if you live life without a dream, something to really go for, you will never know or experience your full potential in life. Dean has an uncanny way of being able to put things in prospective and always find the glass half full, knowing that in life there are no limitations and that living a dream is so much better than only dreaming it. Dean uses his life experiences to relate to others and their situations to help them work through the hard times and start dreaming again knowing soon they will be living them. Follow Dean Grzelak on his blog and learn about "The Millionaire Lifestyle Network" and how it is changing lives.